Food Friday: Tequilas 2

Tequilas 2I’ve always been a big fan of the traditional Mexican cuisine staples like corn, chili peppers, cheeses and lots of herbs and spices. So when I get the opportunity to try a new Mexican restaurant, I usually jump at the chance.

Branson has several different restaurants offering traditional Mexican cuisine, but Tequilas 2 is definitely one of the ones that does it right.

The inside of the restaurant is very clean with a large seating area filled with tables ranging from booths, tables for two and some a little more set back from the crowd. There is a host consistently stationed at the front door so you are seated immediately upon entering the restaurant, which is nice.

The menu is an expansive selection of side orders, appetizers, chicken, steak and pork dishes, and of course a hodgepodge of burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas. I tried the half order of the Special de la Casa, a delicious mixture of grilled chicken on a bed of rice covered with creamy cheese.

The Special de la Casa can also be ordered with steak, if preferred, and customized to include warm tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole and whatever other veggies or tasty toppings you’d like to add. Whatever way you have it, it’s delicious and filling!

The service here was fast and is perfect for those who have a show to get to because the staff will have you stuffed and on your way to the show with plenty of time to spare.

Tequilas 2 is great for large family groups because of the ample seating, wide menu variety and quick service but it could also serve well as a casual date night place.

Next time you’re in Branson looking for a casual dining atmosphere with mouth watering Mexican cuisine, try Tequilas 2 at 3300 N. Gretna Rd., Suite C, Branson, right next to the Branson Mill Craft Village.

For a full menu visit

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