5 Reasons to Try a Guided Fishing Trip in Branson

branson table rock lakeBranson is well known for its three lakes, Bull Shoals, Table Rock and Lake Taneycomo and along with that comes some great fishing for the visiting fisherman or first timer. If you’re hesitant about getting out on the lakes of Branson, a guided fishing trip is a great way to explore the area and successful catch rainbow trout, largemouth bass, crappie and maybe even a few walleye.

If you’ve never been on a guided fishing trip and you’re making your way to Branson, here are a few reasons you should consider adding the experience to your vacation to-do list!

1. You’ll learn all about the lakes of Branson.

If you’re a newcomer to the area you may not know very much about each of the lakes in Branson and there’s a lot to learn! Your professional guide will provide helpful tips and information to ensure a successful fishing experience each time you return to the lakes of Branson.

2. Your guide will show you the ropes.

Maybe you’re new to fishing in general or just want to try something new. What better way to learn how to fish than with some hands on training with an experienced fisherman. Guided fishing trips are ideal for beginners, families, groups and visitors and makes for an exciting one-of-a-kind visit to Branson.

branson table rock lake3. You can go alone, with family or in a group setting.

Your trip can be customized to fit any size group, so bring your family, friends, co-workers or just yourself and your bait and tackle. Whichever way you do it, you’re bound to have a great time.

4. It makes for great pictures.

Pictures of your family’s big catches would make a great addition to the scrapbook, Facebook profile or homemade post cards. It’s encouraged to bring your camera so you can capture some of the great memories you’ll make while out on the lake.

5. You’re more likely to catch a fish!

If you’ve gone fishing before but haven’t had any luck yet a guided tour may be helpful in boosting your ego. Fishing can be discouraging for the more impatient fisherman, but with a professional guide your chances of making a catch increase drastically. Plus, you’ll be stuck in a boat with them for several hours so take advantage of that time and pick their brain for tips on how to consistently make a catch each time you go out fishing.

Have I convinced you to try it out yet? If you’re ready for your fishing adventure or would like more information first, check out one of these local businesses that provide professional guided fishing tours:

Remember that you’ll be on the lake for several hours, so you might want to pack a sack lunch, sunglasses, your Missouri fishing license, rain gear and sunscreen.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Try a Guided Fishing Trip in Branson”

  1. The fishing around Branson is fantastic! If you haven’t been, you definitely should. And the area is so pretty, it would make for a really fun trip for everyone

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