Branson Titanic: An Educational Experience for Students of All Ages

Titanic interactive fun!School has officially started back up and I’m sure all you teachers out there have wonderful plans for your classrooms for the upcoming school year. But if you’re looking to plan a fun yet educational field trip to Branson, you might consider taking your class to the Branson Titanic.

The kids will each get their own boarding pass and travel through the ship’s interactive exhibits learning about the real passengers, crew members and facts about the ship itself. At the end of the museum attraction, they’ll find out their own fate based on true, historical evidence.

TitanicThe Branson Titanic website offers educators a variety of educational activities that students can bring along with them when they visit, including a scavenger hunt, sample boarding passes and supplemental geography, math, social studies and religion lessons.

The Branson Titanic makes for a perfect field trip for students of all ages and is filled with valuable lessons and interesting historical value.

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2 thoughts on “Branson Titanic: An Educational Experience for Students of All Ages”

  1. I wasn’t sure about going to this museum, but my son LOVES history, so I took him. I was impressed. I really thought I would dislike it, but to my surprise, it was awesome! There are SO many things to see and do and the interactive parts are wonderful. We both enjoyed putting our hand in the frigid cold water…one of the highlights of visiting the Titanic 🙂

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