Re-experience the “Feel Good Decade” With the 70’s Music Celebration Starring Barry Williams

70s Music Celebration! Starring Barry WilliamsSince his younger days playing Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch, Barry Williams has made his way to Branson with the 70’s Music Celebration show at the Hughes Brothers Celebrity Theater in Branson.

This show has it all, with an energetic cast of incredible musicians, family friendly entertainment, dynamic staging and a comedic preshow with fantastic prizes.

Barry Williams will take you through the ’70s with personal memories and popular hits from artists like John Denver, Neil Diamond, Carole King, The Carpenters, Donna Summers and so much more.

70s Music Celebration! Starring Barry WilliamsWho else could give you a more accurate representation of the glorious days of the 1970’s than someone who has lived through them — Barry Williams himself!

The 70’s Music Celebration Starring Barry Williams is a show that the whole family will enjoy from start to finish and don’t forget to stick around after the show to shake Barry’s hand and say hello. He greets his guests after every show!

For tickets or more information, visit

The Hughes Brothers Celebrity Theater is located at 3425 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, right next door to the Lodge of the Ozarks.


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