Wine Tasting and Food Pairing 101 in Branson

wineInhabitants of the world have been drinking wine since 4000 B.C. There are thousands of varieties worldwide, making wine tasting a very diverse and social experience that can enhance your knowledge and understanding of wine and its natural companion, food.

If you’ve never been to a wine tasting class, don’t be shy! Branson has a few options to get you started. Even if you’re not a big wine drinker and you’re a little bit hesitant about going to a wine tasting, here are four helpful tips to help assure you that they really aren’t just for wine snobs, but for every day people who are wanting to learn a little bit more about the many different kinds of wine.

You don’t have to taste everything. Maybe you have a low alcohol tolerance or maybe you just want to try a few different wines instead of all the different kinds offered in the class. That’s ok! Just tell whoever is hosting the tasting that you’d like to pass on certain wines and he or she won’t give you a hard time about it. It’s fun to just try a few and no one’s going to force you to try everything.

wineEmbrace the tasting techniques. Many wine tastings will have you utilizing all five of your senses and sniffing, swirling and savoring to get the most of each unique flavor. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, there’s no need to feel intimidated or silly. Just be open to the new experience and embrace the techniques they teach you. Who knows, you may just find yourself impressing others with your skills at your next upscale, social outing.

Don’t keep drinking if you don’t like it. If you take a sip of a certain wine and find it extremely unpalatable, that’s ok too. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, so don’t feel like you have to force it down. Use the dump can to empty the remaining wine from your wine glass and move on to the next one.

Take note of the wines you enjoy. Most wineries will give you a list of the wines you are tasting so that you can keep track of what you’ve tried. Star or highlight the ones you enjoyed, so you can pick up a bottle on your way out of the winery. Wine tastings are a great opportunity to sample a variety of wines without having to buy the entire bottle. Very cost efficient! You might also want to take notes about what kinds of food pair well with certain wines, so that when you purchase a bottle you can prepare a well-paired meal to accompany it back at home.

wineMount Pleasant Winery in Branson offers a Wine 101 class that makes for a great group activity or date night. During the 90 minute class, you’ll learn all about the wines made on Mount Pleasant Winery’s very own grapevines, the correct tasting techniques and food pairings with different kinds of cheese, sausages and breads. For tickets or more information, visit

Stone Hill Winery also offers free winery tours where you can learn about the wine making process, watch experienced staff bottle the wine and then conclude your trip in the tasting room. Kids can even come on this tour and taste some of the fantastic juices made at Stone Hill Winery. Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine on the way out the door and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Branson caters to both the winos and inexperienced wine drinkers with several options for wine tasting courses, so next time you’re in Branson grab your sweetie or a group of friends and try your hand at a wine tasting class for a unique and fun vacationing experience.

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