Visit the Rare and Unique Animals of Branson’s Promised Land Zoo

Branson's Promised Land ZooFor the animal lover, there’s no better place than the beautiful outdoors of the Ozarks. But in the wild, sometimes it’s unsafe to touch or feed an animal.

At Branson’s Promised Land Zoo, you can get all the up close and personal experiences you want with the exotic animals that live there.

When you go to the Promised Land Zoo, you’ll have the option of choosing from live animal shows, bottle feeding baby animals, exploring the Parakeet Paradise bird house and hiking down the winding roads of the Foot Safari.

Branson's Promised Land ZooFeed your favorite exotic and fuzzy animals at the live shows and inside the Parakeet Paradise bird house, help the staff bottle feed baby antelopes, camels sand more during feeding time and see some of the most amazing big game animals.

Exclusive animal encounters are also available for an additional fee. These special experiences will allow you to spend 15-20 minutes meeting, feeding and petting either a two-toed sloth, the cutest adult and baby lemurs or Sebastian the Africal Serval kitten.

For tickets or more information visit

The Promised Land Zoo is located at 2751 Shepherd of the Hills Expwy., Branson, 1/3 mile east of the Pierce Arrow Theater on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.


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