See the Liverpool Legends Live in Branson

Liverpool LegendsHand-picked by Louise Harrison, sister of the Beatles’ George Harrison, the Liverpool Legends are as close as you’ll get to seeing the legendary Beatles live onstage again.

Liverpool Legends Kevin Mantegna, Bob Beahon, Marty Scott and Greg George attend to every detail from vocal styles, mannerisms, vintage instruments and costume changes to make audiences genuinely wonder if they are seeing the real deal.

This Beatles tribute band has toured the world and performed for thousands of audiences chocked full of die-hard Beatles fans.

A regular show in Branson since 2006, the Liverpool Legends’ accurate imitations of the personalities and talents of the original stars from The Beatles keep the crowds coming as they play through a set list that changed the course of music history.

The Liverpool Legends play at the Caravelle Theatre in Branson at 3446 W. 76 Country Blvd., right next door to the Dutton Family Theater.

For tickets or more information, visit


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