Useful DIY Travel Ideas for the Crafty Branson Visitor

TravelingIf you’re planning a vacation to Branson and you’d consider yourself to be one of the many DIY fanatics running around, this blog post is for you!

There are many ways to make your traveling experience a little bit easier and more enjoyable with a few simple DIY ideas. So try out some of these the next time you take a family trip to Branson.

Travel Bingo. Since most people who visit Branson travel by car, here’s a great DIY car game that I found on this crafty blog called “Say Yes“. All you have to do is download the 5×5 boards, print them out on cardstock and draw something in each square that you are likely to see on a road trip. For your bingo markers, you can really use just about anything but something like rocks, marbles or skittles would work just fine. Store the boards and markers in a bag and when the kids start getting antsy because they’ve been in the car all day, pull them out for some homemade bingo fun. Each child gets a board and when they see one of the items you’ve drawn on the board, have them place a chip down on that square. The first to get five in a row or four corners wins!

FanzinesRepurposed spice containers. Are you camping during your trip to Branson? I discovered this genius idea on Pinterest. Chances are you’ll be cooking at your campsite, so what better way to store your spices while traveling than by repurposing TicTac containers! Granted, you may not have a bunch of empty TicTac containers laying around, just keep the idea in mind for the next time you go camping in Branson. Save your containers and label them accordingly after you fill them with the spices you use most often.

Every picture tells a story. This game is another simple one you can play in the car. I found it on All you have to do is take a pair of scissors and cut interesting photos out of magazines. Put them all inside a single bag and store it in your car. When you and the kids get bored, grab the bag and take turns pulling pictures from it. Have the first person who pulls out a picture start telling a story based on that picture. Time them and give them about 15-20 seconds to make the game more interesting. Once their time is up, pass the bag to the next person and have them pull out another picture. Continue the fun and listen to your stories get more wild and crazy as you pass the bag around the car.

pillboxPill box jewelry organizer. This DIY craft is just as easy as it sounds. All you need is a pill box! Easily separate whatever jewelry you are planning on bringing with you to Branson into their separate slots. You won’t have to worry about you necklaces or earrings getting tangled or lost. If you don’t have a pill box laying around at home, you can easily find one at your local Walgreens or Dollar General store.

Hopefully you can utilize some of these DIY travel projects on your next trip to Branson! If you have any more ingenious ideas to make traveling a little bit easier, just comment below and let me know about them!


2 thoughts on “Useful DIY Travel Ideas for the Crafty Branson Visitor”

  1. Those are great travel tips–not only for going to Branson, but anywhere. I love the picture game; what a great idea!

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