Explore the Foundations of Branson’s First Amusement Park: Marvel Cave

Marvel CaveSettlers of the 1800’s once suspected it to be filled with marble and gold treasures, Spanish explorers searched for the fountain of youth here and the Osage Indians feared the strange noises that came from deep within it, dubbing it “The Devil’s Den.”

Ever since it was first discovered, Marvel Cave has been attracting visitors with its interesting history, mysterious darkness and the breathtaking beauty it holds underneath the Earth’s surface.

What is now the foundation and the entrance of the popular 1800’s mining town amusement park, Silver Dollar City, was first discovered around the year 1500 AD by the Osage Indians. They often heard mysterious noises coming from the entrance of the cave so they avoided going near it, let alone inside the dark cavern.

In 1869, explorers traveled deep into the unknown caverns looking for marble and other mineral deposits. During that time, the cave was referred to as Marble Cave.

Marvel CaveBy the year 1894, Marble Cave was an Ozark tourist attraction operated by William Henry Lynch and his two daughters. Visitors traveled from all over to see the cave and Lynch continued to run the operation for another 50 years. After his death, the cave’s name was changed to Marvel Cave.

Today, a cave tour is included with your admission ticket to Silver Dollar City. You’ll get to explore the Cathedral Room, 300 feet below Earth’s surface as you learn even more about the cave’s history and geological beauty.

The hour-long tour will allow you to examine the limestone rock formations up close as you climb almost 600 stairs. Your experienced tour guide will narrate your tour with detailed explanations of everything you see along with interesting and entertaining stories about the cave.

A new tour begins every half hour, so next time you’re visiting Silver Dollar City, stop and take a tour of Marvel Cave. You’ll be amazed by mother nature’s magnificent show!

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/SilverDollarCity.cfm.

To learn more about Marvel Cave and the history of Silver Dollar City, watch the video below.


3 thoughts on “Explore the Foundations of Branson’s First Amusement Park: Marvel Cave”

  1. I have been through the cave enough times I could be one of the tour guides, pretty much everything about the cave I have memorized. but I still love going into it every single time! I cant wait to go to Silver Dollar City again so I can go through the cave.

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