Shoji Tabuchi is Spicing Things Up with New Additions to the 2014 Show

02Shoji Tabuchi has been a familiar Branson face for 26 years now and believe me when I say it — you don’t know what you’re missing until you check out his show for yourself.

Mr. Tabuchi is a genuinely kind and extremely talented man who has mastered the violin. During his show, he will tell you several stories about his childhood, but he talks a lot about his mother and how she encouraged him to practice, even though he hated practicing. He says he would even go as far as climbing to the top of the big tree in his backyard to hide from her. Luckily his mother was a good tree climber.

Throughout his show, Shoji opens his heart to the entire audience not only with stories of his childhood, life and what it was like to become an American citizen, but also with his heartfelt musical performance.

05Although classically trained, Mr. Tabuchi is a master violinist who conquers all genres and styles and will amaze you with his easy transitions from gospel and bluegrass to the modern music of today. The eclectic musical ride from big band music of the ’40s all the way up to today’s modern hits will keep you on your toes until the very end of the show.

The year 2014 brings some entirely new things to the Shoji Tabuchi show, including a Japanese segment featuring traditional Japanese clothing, Taiko drums and the Odaiko drum, which weighs 2500 pounds and is the largest drum played on stage daily. Shoji will also delight you with a segment in which he plays the Shamisen, a three-stringed Japanese banjo. In addition to highlighting his Japanese culture, the 2014 show features all new costumes and new lights. So if you’ve seen the show before, be prepared for something completely new to hit Tabuchi’s stage!

03Shoji clearly cares about each and every talented member of his cast as he introduces them each by name throughout the show and you’ll be amazed by all the different instruments each performer has mastered, all while they sing and dance at the same time.

His genuine personality and witty humor coupled with the fast-paced variety of his show will charm and transform you into a die-hard Shoji fan.

Next time you’re in Branson, grab tickets to see this fantastic show and I guarantee you’ll want to come back year after year to watch him perform.

The Shoji Tabuchi show plays at the Shoji Tabuchi Theater at 3260 Shepherd of the Hills Expwy., Branson MO 65616, just down the road from the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

For tickets or more information, visit



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