Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience: Unbelievable Fun for the Whole Family

2990578vmeIf you think you won’t enjoy Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience just because you’re not a dog person, think again. This show features an exciting and fast-paced troupe of talented dogs and trainers who have spent countless hours preparing for the stunts they will perform for you. Kids of all ages will be swept away with the fun and excitement as these dogs compete against each other to win the prize that every dog drools over: the Golden Bone.

I had the opportunity to see this show last week and I was blown away by how obedient and talented these dogs were. The dogs that perform in the show have all been rescued from shelters around the country and are not only given a loving and safe home, but are taught obedience and agility with positive reinforcement methods that are enjoyable for both dog and trainer.

Before the show, I ran into one of the trainers named Steve who has worked with Chris Perondi for four years. He told me that each dog is trained with three important aspects in mind:

  • motivation, like toys, treats and love
  • consistency
  • repetition2990594vme

These training techniques result in Perondi’s dogs being able to accomplish incredible feats with accuracy. You’ll watch these dogs easily clear jumps of up to 60 inches (that’s five feet!), complete a weave pole barrel race in under 15 seconds and jump rope on stage. One of these dogs can even double dutch, which is more than I can say for myself!

Steve shared a lot of insight with me about what it’s like to train one-on-one with these lovable dogs and he said it’s the most rewarding job anyone could ask for.

“My favorite part of training is when I’m working with the dog and I look in his eyes and suddenly just see the light bulb go on,” he said. “Once he understands what you want him to do, he is excited to do it for you. The bond you develop with these dogs is incredible and I just love it.”

The show features several different trainers like Steve who are obviously passionate about what they do. They even take a moment during the show to explain how you can teach your own dog at home some of the same tricks you see in the show.

2990596vmeKids will love this show, especially because they get the chance to go onstage and interact with the trainers and dogs while all while learning some very important things about what it takes to train a dog.

Chris Perondi and his dogs have been featured on national television with appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Oprah, Animal Planet and several others and now you can see them right here in Branson at the Clay Cooper Theater, right across the street from the Titanic Museum on Hwy. 76.

For tickets or more information, visit





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