Reeds Spring to Host Tomato Festival

Tomato FestivalReeds Spring will host its Inaugural Tomato Festival this Saturday, August 2 from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. at Downtown Historic Reeds Spring in honor of its historic tomato canning factories that thrived from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s.

The small, peaceful town is just a 25 minute drive northwest of Branson and although small, it has a big history.

The story began shortly after the Civil War ended, when the two Texas cattleman, the Reeds brothers, stopped to water their cattle at the popular watering and grazing spot that is Reeds Spring today. The area was quickly noted by cattle herders as a desirable location because of the fresh water spring and soon after, a small settlement was developed.

Tomato FestivalIn 1902, the Union Pacific Railroad built a rail through the area and the area became even more prosperous, shipping goods in and out. Community members began growing tomatoes and the tomato canning factories followed soon after resulting in the name of Reeds Spring becoming synonymous with the tomato canning industry for a short while.

The Tomato festival will highlight this unique history with community events including clogging and square dancing, a Little Miss Tomato Pageant, a family cake walk, a tricycle race, live music and local vendors.

So head down to Reeds Spring for a bit of small town fun, and take part in one of the many small area festivals that make the Branson area so unique.


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