Get Lost in Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hannah's Maze of MirrorsHow many of you remember watching Alice from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” as she approaches the Queen of Heart’s castle only to have to find her way through that tall, endless maze of manicured bushes? I remember watching that wondering what it would be like to try to find my way through something so confusing and tricky. And to be honest, I don’t think I could find my way out!

But now you and your family can make a team effort to make it through Branson’s own enchanted adventure: Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.

With Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors the happy ending is up to you, as you get lost in a fairy tale filled magic, mystery and an infinite maze of mirrors.

Hannah's Maze of MirrorsMake your way through the mirrored passageways of the Castle of Savannah as you search for Princess Hannah and save her from being lost in the maze forever.

Kids of all ages will love this adventure as they explore corridor after corridor of endless mirrors echoing their own reflection and it makes for quite the family adventure.

You can even buy package ticket deals with the neighboring Branson attractions Castle of Chaos, Hollywood Wax Museum and Shoot For the Stars Mini Golf for a complete day of adventurous fun with the whole family.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is located at 3030 W. State Hwy. 76, Branson MO 65616, right next door to the Hollywood Wax Museum.

For tickets or more information, visit


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