5 Reasons You Should Be at White Water Right Now

White waterThe sun is shining, your suitcase is packed and you’re on your way to Branson. What are you going to do when you get there? Watch a show or two? Check out some of the attractions? Explore some of the nature trails?

How about a trip to White Water? There’s no better time than the middle of July to take advantage of one of the nation’s top rated water parks. Still not sure about it? Well I’m here to persuade you otherwise and here are five reasons why you should consider.

1. It’s hot outside. I know — obvious but still a pretty good reason, huh? Missouri summers can be pretty toasty and after a few days of sightseeing out in the summer heat, it would be nice to just relax in the Surf’s Up Wave Pool, play in Splashaway Cay or raft your way down Ohana Falls.

White Water2. Your whole family will love it. White Water isn’t just for the kids — it’s for you too! The park features two million gallons of fun and rides that are both exhilarating and thrilling as well as relaxing. So you can watch them plunge down those steep, free-falling slides and then relax on an inner tube down a lazy river or bask in the sun from your beach chair.

3. You’ll get to try the new KaPau Plummet. Try out these 245-foot dueling slides and experience the most exhilarating 70 degree plunge of your life. The newest ride to White Water, KaPau Plummet will challenge even the most brave of dare devils in your family.

White Water4. There are extended hours and special activities during Night Water.  Summer nights at White Water only mean one thing: Night Water. Stay at the park until 10 p.m. every Thursday-Saturday or until midnight on Saturday, August 9, indulge in your favorite treats for just one dollar every Thursday night, watch a fireworks display over the park every Saturday night and catch a movie every Friday night on the Surf’s Up Wave Pool Big Screen.

5. The park is family-centered. Although smaller than most other nationally recognized water parks, White Water is one of the most family oriented, catering to visitors of all ages with a variety of rides and special events.

So are you convinced yet? If you need some more information or would like to order tickets, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyWhiteWaterTickets.cfm. Just make sure you catch some water park fun before the summer ends and we hope you choose White Water!

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