5 Apps Every Branson Visitor Should Download

Silver Dollar CityEvery new place that you travel to can be a jungle at first. After excessive commentary from everyone in the car, multiple U-turns, too many restaurant options and a limited amount of time, sometimes having an extra resource to make your travels just a little bit simpler can make all the difference.

For smartphone users, a downloadable app can be one of the easiest ways to combat issues that arise during a family vacation. Download these great travel apps in preparation for your upcoming trip to Branson and make sure you don’t waste any valuable time that could be spent at one of the many attractions and shows.

1. Wikitude

Use your phone’s built-in camera to browse the area of Branson you’re in. Wikitude features bubbles that hover over each location detailing a restaurant, attraction, museum, etc. so you can get the most up to date information on the fun things to do near you. This app syncs your location with information online from Yelp, social media and TripAdvisor so all you have to do is scan the area with your phone and make an educated choice about where you want to go. This app is free for iOS in the App Store, free for Android in Google Play, free for Blackberry in Blackberry World and free for Windows phones in the Windows Store.

2. The Roller Coaster Guide

If your trip to Branson includes a visit to Silver Dollar City, use the Roller Coaster Guide to search the most extensive roller coaster database available for iOS. Roller coaster fanatics can browse photos or compare heights and top speeds to determine which Silver Dollar City coaster to try first! This app is free for iOS in the App Store.

Cellphone3. Packing Pro

Never forget your toothbrush again! Use the Expert Help tool to either build your packing list from scratch or let it predict what you’ll need based on your trip type and then customize from there. Packing Pro is simple to use, easy to customize and allows multiple lists to be saved at the same time. This app is available for iPhone or iPad in the App Store for $2.99.

4. Postagram

Capture a memorable family moment in Branson with your device’s built-in camera, design your own digital postcard and then mail it to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins straight from your phone. The recipient will receive their custom-made post card from Postagram in their mailbox within just a few days. Postcards can be sent both nationally and internationally. This app is free for iPhone and iPad in the App Store and free for Android in Google Play.

5. Waze

Compare gas prices along your route, stay up to date on traffic jams and accidents, coordinate arrival times with other family members and find the quickest route to Branson from your home. Waze provides you with real-time updates from other drivers on the road, making this social GPS app a valuable addition to your phone’s home screen.  This app is free in the Apple App Store and is also free for Android in Google Play.

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