Both Kirby VanBurch and His Cats Move to New Homes

kirby-vanburch-showAccording to an article from, Kirby VanBurch recently announced his move to a new location, the Club inside the Lodge of the Ozarks for a new “up close” magic show where he says he welcomes the increased audience interaction and the new challenge of people being up close while he does his magic.

He also announced that the large cats featured in his magic shows would be living in a new home at the National Tiger Sanctuary. Their new homes will be nearly 10-thousand square feet, compared to their previous 600-square foot cages.

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The article states that with Kirby’s move to a new theater, he just didn’t have a spot for them.

His cats, Blackie and Bambi were moved to the sanctuary on June 27 and the other three were scheduled to be moved early last week.

To read the full article or watch video coverage, visit

For more information about the Tiger Sanctuary, read our previous post: Get Up Close and Personal With the Wild Cats of the National Tiger Sanctuary.


5 thoughts on “Both Kirby VanBurch and His Cats Move to New Homes”

  1. I have seen the Kirby VanBurch show a long time ago, and it was fantastic! Sorry to hear he isn’t going to have the cats anymore, but his shows are well worth the time regardless!!

  2. I think it’s great that he gave those big cats a more suitable enclosure and life style! I really want to see this guy preform.

  3. The new move sounds like a great choice for the tigers! They have more room and now at the Lodge of The Ozarks you can be up closer while Kirby does his magic! Sounds like a great new thing for this show!

  4. Kirby’s new “up close” magic show seems interesting! With his cats now being housed at the Tiger Sanctuary I’m defiantly going to have to make it a must to go see the place!

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