Seven Things You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without When Traveling to Branson

Sometimes packing can be a pain. I can more than attest to this because literally every time I travel I end up forgetting at least one thing. I’ve made lists, had my friends and family look over the contents of my suitcase, started the process 48 hours ahead of time, etc. all in an effort to make sure I have everything but I always end up remembering the one thing I forgot — 180 miles down the road.Silver Dollar City

Branson Shows wants to make sure you remember to pack all the most important things for your Branson vacation so you can have the most comfortable, regret-free vacation experience possible this summer. So get a post-it note and a pen or just bookmark this page to avoid forgetting some of the most important items!

Your ticket vouchers. If you’ve purchased tickets through Branson Shows for any of the area’s attractions and shows, you will need these to get in. It’s very important that you print your vouchers as soon as you get an email from Branson Shows and place them in a folder, binder or envelope for safe keeping and to pack later.800_15633

A waterproof camera. While most people probably prefer to take pictures with their phones, if you’re headed to Silver Dollar City or White Water, plan on getting your phone wet. Disposable, waterproof cameras are affordable and easy to find at most pharmacies with a photo center. If you’d still like the higher quality, digital photo that your smartphone provides, consider investing in a LifeProof case for your iPhone, iPad or Samsung device. They’re water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof. Sounds like the perfect way to keep your phone alive until the end of your family vacation.walk-2021_640

Comfortable walking shoes. A large majority of attractions and things to do in Branson require walking. Plus, if you plan on visiting during the summer months, sometimes it’s quicker to walk the strip than sit through congested traffic. Flip flops and sandals are great summer wear, but tennis shoes would be the most comfortable option after a long day of sightseeing and shopping.

Clothes that are appropriate for both warm and cool weather. Branson’s general dress code is pretty casual and the average high for July is 89 degrees with an average low of 66 degrees. Silver Dollar CityBringing a combination of pants, shorts, short-sleeves and long sleeves would be best if you’re traveling this month. For a complete list of monthly averages, visit The Weather Channel. But as the Ozarks locals like to say, if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.

Bug spray. As is with most areas around the country, the summer months bring warm, pleasant rays of sunshine but they also bring unpleasant mosquitos, chiggers and ticks. Ticks are most active during the months of April-July and are often found in tall grasses, brushy areas and weedy edges of paths and trails. These eight-legged mites can leave uncomfortable, itchy bumps and also carry diseases so make sure to apply and reapply the bug spray, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of hiking, camping or swimming in the tri-lakes area.7175249297_8958013521_o

Cold, hard cash. Most customers today (myself included) prefer to pay with a debit or credit card, but Branson is home to a good number of family-owned specialty shops, some of which only take cash as payment. Nothing is worse than getting to the register only to find that you can’t purchase your merchandise without running to the ATM first. Avoid the hassle and keep a certain amount of your vacation budget on you in cash, just in case.White Water

Fast-drying, light cotton t-shirts. As mentioned above, a trip to Silver Dollar City or White Water will most likely end in you getting wet. Dress yourself and your kids in light weight cotton t-shirts so you don’t have to spend the day being damp and uncomfortable. Avoiding denim and heavy materials would be wise for any days spent at Branson’s theme parks.

4 thoughts on “Seven Things You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without When Traveling to Branson”

  1. These are some great tips, and I’m in the same boat as you, I always forget at least one thing, even if I end up over packing and stuffing that case full!

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