Happy Fourth of July From Branson Shows!

Happy Fourth of July! We are fortunate to live in a country where our freedom has been bought by generations before us, and many others who live elsewhere may not be as privileged. Keep that in mind today, as we should be thankful! Branson Shows hopes you have a fantastic weekend and if you don’t yet have plans, read our blog post about all the different celebrations Branson has to offer this weekend. Have fun and be safe!


“Standing, as we do today, upon the eminence of more than a century’s growth, we can look back the way we have come and see more plainly than it ever appeared before that on the little hill just out fireworksof Boston the battle of the 17th of June, 1775, changed, indeed, the front of the universe and set liberty so far in advance of tyranny that liberty will never be overtaken again. Children born in America since that day are heirs to all which that victory portended, and the further up the slope of centuries we go the richer will be our inheritance if we are wise and patriotic enough to appreciate, guard and defend the heritage that our fathers won and handed down.” — William Bell Riley



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