A Magnificent Tale Told With Dance: The Adventures of Marco Polo

Adventures of Marco PoloThe White House Theatre’s Adventures of Marco Polo is a show unlike I’ve ever seen in Branson that will leave you enchanted with it’s magnificent dance numbers and heart-wrenching story of love.

The Adventures of Marco Polo is the tale of the real life Marco Polo and his travels from Italy to China, narrated perfectly in a way that describes his awe and wonder when confronted with the strange new world of Eastern culture.

Adventures of Marco PoloAlthough this show has no dialogue between the characters onstage, audience members can easily follow the hardships, discovery and love detailed by beautifully choreographed dance numbers. Each scene is performed with precision and skill by the international cast of 50 who have been preparing and rehearsing for six long months.

With each new scene, the stage is filled with cast members from Italy, Russia and China who have up to 8-9 costume changes per show. The brightly-colored costumes reflect several different ethnic groups as Marco travels through Dadu, Mongolia, Bianjing City, Yangzhou and many more exotic regions of the eastern world.Adventures of Marco Polo

The show was made specifically for Branson and features a huge LED screen onstage, filling 2,000 square feet with fantastic illusions that completely envelop audience members in Marco Polo’s world of discovery as he meets his one and only true love in a far away land. The bright and colorful landscapes displayed on the screen give the production a unique appearance that stands out among all the other Branson shows.

The Adventures of Marco Polo is a show that combines original Chinese orchestration, traditional dance, acrobatics and illusions to create a one-of-a-kind cultural experience in Branson that people of any ethnic background can appreciate.

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyAdventuresofMarcoPoloTickets.cfm.

The White House Theatre is located at 2255 Gretna Rd., Branson, MO.


4 thoughts on “A Magnificent Tale Told With Dance: The Adventures of Marco Polo”

  1. I was actually just reading a newsletter about this show. I never knew that Marco Polo was a real person, let alone the inspiration for Christopher Columbus. I think this would be neat to see his 3 year journey with dancing and entertainment. This would be an interesting show and I am looking forward to seeing it.

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