The Velvet Collection is Calling Your Name at Branson’s Celebrity Car Museum

Celebrity Car MuseumAll of those cars you see up on the big screen either don’t survive to the end of the movie’s production or they go into storage after filming. But here in Branson, you get the chance to see some of those big name celebrity cars up close and personal at the Celebrity Car Museum.

The only historical artifacts in this museum are the rubber to the road kind, like the infamous Batmobile, the 1981 DMC Delorean from “Back to the Future” and the Cadillac Limousine that carried Jackie Kennedy across the country on tour.Celebrity Car Museum

Even if you’re not an automobile fanatic, you’ll still enjoy seeing the huge variety of celebrity-owned and historic cars that you’ll recognize from your favorite TV shows and movies like The Fast and the Furious, Spiderman, Transformers, Men in Black, Breaking Bad and so many more!Celebrity Car Museum

When you visit the Celebrity Car Museum there’s no such thing as thick glass plates between you and the cars. See them up close as you browse the warehouse at your own pace, read all the interesting facts about each car, get photos with your favorite ones and hear rare, behind the scenes stories about the cars in action from knowledgeable staff.

Dick Clark’s American Band Stand TheaterThe museum hosts between 85 and 100 cars at any given time and since many of them are for sale, the variety of classics on the floor is always changing.

A trip to the Celebrity Car Museum in Branson is more than your average museum experience and you’re guaranteed to walk away with a lot more photos to add to your vacation scrapbook.

For more information, visit the Celebrity Car Museum’s Facebook page or stop by for a self-guided tour at 1600 W. Highway 76 Suite A, located near the entrance of Dick Clark’s American Band Stand Theater.



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