Experience the Sheer Talent of Shoji Tabuchi in Branson

Shoji TabuchiWorld-renowned violinist, Shoji Tabuchi, his wife Dorothy and daughter Christina are some of Branson’s most talented musicians, wowing audiences with amazing musicianship, eye-catching choreography and angelic vocals with the Shoji Tabuchi Show.

Shoji skillfully handpicked his band members, each with at least one degree in music, to create the highest quality sound possible and a great variety of skillsets.

Dorothy Tabuchi has created a dance company of supreme distinction, and each dance number shines with excellence as it visually portrays the essence of each musical score.

Shoji TabuchiTheir daughter Christina brings her own musicianship and talent to the show as she fills the theater with her powerful and superb vocals.

The Shoji Tabuchi show is one that highlights American culture while still bringing Shoji’s native Japanese culture to light with the Taiko drums, which are said to recreate the origin of the spirit of the Japanese people.Shoji Tabuchi

The theatre itself is a beauty and even the men’s and women’s restrooms awe visitors with décor that is reminiscent of the grand theatre palaces from the 1930’s.

The talent portrayed in this fantastic show is simply awe-inspiring so don’t miss out on this amazing production next time you’re in Branson!

The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre is located at 3260 Shepherd of the Hills Expwy., down the road from the Pierce Arrow Theater.

For tickets or more information, visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/buyShojiTabuchiShowTickets.cfm.


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