Lose Yourself at Branson’s Shops at Grand Village

Grand villageWith a huge selection of malls, specialty shops and outlet locations, Branson is one of the best places to go shopping while you’re on vacation.

One charming shopping location you don’t want to miss out on (especially during the holiday season) is The Shops at Grand Village, featuring 26 specialty stores lining the beautiful cobblestone paths that are surrounded by fresh foliage and dazzling fountains. Even if you’re not in the mood to shop, this quaint area is one of the most calm and relaxing places to stop in for a bite to eat or just sit at one of the outdoor tables and enjoy the warm sunshine of summer.

The Shops at Grand Village is home to some venues that you won’t find anywhere else in Branson including the infamous Kringles Christmas Store, open year round, and a Thomas Kinkade Signature Art Gallery, showcasing some of his less popularized impressionistic works for a rare yet beautiful find.

Mel's Hard Luck DinerThis area provides visitors with a variety of apparel, jewelry, restaurants, toys, books and beauty boutiques to choose from, making the Shops at Grand Village a fun and relaxing day trip destination.

The Shops at Grand Village are located at 2800 W. Highway 76 in Branson and individual store hours are listed here.



3 thoughts on “Lose Yourself at Branson’s Shops at Grand Village”

  1. It really is a nice place to shop! My mother and grandmother were amazed at how pretty everything was! Myself, I just couldn’t stop shopping!! 🙂

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