Get a Good Laugh With Paul Harris & The Cleverlys

Paul Harris & The CleverlysLeaving this show with a laughter-induced bellyache isn’t uncommon, so come prepared.

This year in Branson, Paul Harris and the Cleverlys have returned to the strip to perform their show at the Starlite Theatre, just down the road from the Titanic Museum.

Paul Harris starts off the show with a comedy segment filled with his southern charm, hilarious commentary on his hometown in Arkansas and the oddities that come with it.

His fun and clean jokes and stories will have you laughing uncontrollably in your seat for 40 minutes before his band joins him on stage to play some fantastic bluegrass and folk music.Paul Harris & The Cleverlys

Harris’ family band, The Cleverlys take over the second half of the show with a trip down memory lane featuring bluegrass renditions of classic and modern favorites from groups like ACDC, The Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more.

A multi-talented group, The Cleverlys aren’t just great entertainers and musicians, they are just down right silly and are guaranteed to keep you laughing right up until the finale.

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One thought on “Get a Good Laugh With Paul Harris & The Cleverlys”

  1. I went and saw Paul Harris and The Cleverly’s, His stand up was hilarious and the music was good, I definitely recommend seeing the show if you are in branson

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