Discover the Breathtaking Illusions of Rick Thomas in Branson

Illusionist Rick ThomasHave you ever seen a woman completely disappear? How about a 3D object being placed into a 2D image?

Having been deemed ‘Magician of the Year’ by the Academy of Magical Arts and ‘Stage Magician of the Year’ by the World Magic Awards, Rick Thomas will wow you with his unparalleled show of visual illusions that have been effortlessly blended with music and dance.Illusionist Rick Thomas

A world traveler and seasoned performer, Thomas won’t just let you sit in your seat the whole time. He calls on several audience members to join him onstage and participate in his amazing illusions, creating a fun, interactive environment for all. And don’t worry if you have stage fright. Rick will make sure you are rewarded for your participation!

Accompanied by his assistants, this premier illusionist will leave you wondering just how he pulls off his amazing feats as he inspires you with stories of his childhood dreams of becoming a magician.Illusionist Rick Thomas

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