Treat Your Kids to a Segway Ride at Branson Segway and Adventure Center!

Branson Segway and Adventure CenterIf you’ve ever jealously stared at one of those mall cops on their fancy Segways as they woosh around while secretly wishing you had one to transport you from store to store too, first thing’s first: you’re not alone. Second of all: your wish is about to come true. Feel the wind in your hair at Branson Segway and Adventure Center, a one-of-a kind experience for both you and the kids. Located just one block south of Highway 76 at 299 State Highway 165 under the big water tower, this 2-acre free-roaming Segway park features paved tracks for visitors to fully experience all there is to enjoy about riding these motorized scooters. The staff will provide you with a helmet, professional instruction and any assistance you might need along the way. Branson Segway and Adventure Center provides three different packages for your enjoyment:Branson Segway and Adventure Center

  • The “Test Drive”: 7 minute Segway ride
  • The “Joy Ride”: 15 minute Segway ride
  • The “Can’t Get Enough”: 20 minute Segway ride

Give it a try and let us know what you think of Branson Segway and Adventure Center! Feeling uneasy about riding a Segway? Watch the Brett Family Show’s Brydon Brett show you how to do it!


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