The Duttons Family Show is A Must See for All

The DuttonsLooking for a wholesome, family friendly show this summer in Branson?

Take your family to see The Duttons at Branson’s Dutton Theater and be amazed by the incredible talent and performance of this family as they sing, dance and play new songs and arrangements in their 2014 Branson Show.

An eclectic mixture of comedy, clogging and fantastic music from the harmonica, violin, banjo, piano and more will leave you and your loved ones inspired by this family’s talent and humor.

You can make sure to look forward to favorites like “The Devil Went Down to Branson” and “Cotton-eyed Joe” in the lineup but be prepared for some new and unusual talents from Benjamin’s identical twin cousin Julio.The Duttons

For tickets and show schedules, visit

Watch this video for a sneak peak of what you can expect to see at The Duttons Family show!


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