Spend a Rainy Day Indoors at Ozarts Workshop in Downtown Branson

Ozarts WorkshopThe rain just doesn’t seem to be giving us a break but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something exciting to do indoors in Branson. If you’re in the mood for something artsy and interactive to do, Ozarts Workshop offers a variety of art projects for the whole family.

Located right next door to the Fudge Shop, this local art gallery and studio showcases local artists’ work for both visitors and residents to enjoy. The homemade paintings, jewelry, pottery and décor highlight the workshop’s tagline of “celebrating the spirit and ingenuity of the arts found in the Ozark Mountains.”Ozarts Workshop

Ozarts Workshop just had its grand opening on March 1st of this year and already offers a wide variety of interactive activities for all ages. The studio offers live pottery demonstrations, make-n-take workshops, couple date night painting classes, paint your pet classes, into to basket weaving, crayon art and more.

If you don’t have time to take a full class while you’re visiting Branson, stop in and paint your very own Branson souvenir to take home with you that day. It only takes about ten minutes to bake and a handcrafted memento makes it all the more special and memorable.

Ozarts Workshop also serves as a great venue for kids’ birthday parties, date nights, office parties or a girls night out. The staff generously allows visitors to bring in snacks and beverages for the classes to make the visit more enjoyable.

Just an added perk: Ozarts Workshop will even let you leave your own mark on a framed canvas in the back of the studio. That way you can tell all your friends and family back home that you have your own artwork hanging in a gallery.

With more than 100 different art projects to choose from, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. So stop by and try your hand at one of the many classes or peruse the shop and check out all the fantastic local art work made right here in Southwest Missouri.

For more information and reviews, like Ozarts Workshop on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OzartsWorkshop.

Hours are Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Comment below and let us know what you thought of Ozarts Workshop, one of Branson’s newest cultural additions!Ozarts Workshop


6 thoughts on “Spend a Rainy Day Indoors at Ozarts Workshop in Downtown Branson”

  1. I love crafts and new things to do with my kids!!! We do DIY projects all the time! We are going this weekend and I cant wait!

  2. I love doing art! I think this would be a wonderful thing to do! I actually paint pictures all of the time and me and my mom does crafts together.

    1. I apologize for not getting to this comment until now. But for your next craft day, try calling them at 417-336-2787. Have fun and thanks for reading the Branson Shows blog! 🙂

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