Branson’s Cakes-N-Creams Takes You Back to the 1950’s

Branson’s Cakes-N-CreamsCalling all chocolate lovers, cake connoisseurs, banana split enthusiasts and anyone who considers it normal to eat cool whip straight from the container: If you like discovering new places to satisfy your sweet tooth, Cakes-n-Creams 50’s Diner & Dessert Parlor is a great find!

This diner and dessert parlor is located right in the center of the Branson strip, next to Pancho Villa Tex-Mex Restaurant.

The cool thing about this place is you can stop by for something sweet like a slice of pie, ice cream in a waffle cone, a funnel cake or you can grab a burger with fries. FYI: There’s no rule here against indulging in both dinner and dessert!

The 1950’s theme is amped up to the max with the fun atmosphere and a jukebox just waiting for your classic ’50s selection.

You can find this place swarming with visitors after the nightly shows let out, and the lively crowd makes it that much more fun!

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4 thoughts on “Branson’s Cakes-N-Creams Takes You Back to the 1950’s”

  1. I’m always into finding new places to visit in Branson. I’m there a lot, so I’ve worn my list down quite a bit! I will definitely be taking my sister to this place so we can indulge after a long day of shopping. Or lunch before we start shopping! You always need go-go juice!

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