Give Your Nose a Vacation Too at the Branson Aromatique Outlet

Branson Aromatique OutletIf you’re looking for a sweet gift, a new scent for your home or just a new shop to explore, take a peek inside Branson’s Historic Downtown Aromatique outlet!

This company was started back in 1982 by two women from Herber Springs, Arkansas. Their secret to success? Quality oils that last.

This Aromatique location has dozens of new scents to try out and since it’s an outlet, everything is 50 percent off all the time! And some of the items are discounted even more. Yep. I know — what a steal!

Not only are the prices amazing here, but this is actually the only place I’ve ever found refresher oil for potpourri. If you’re not familiar with it, refresher oil is oil that comes packaged in a small bottle. When your potpourri’s scent starts to go flat, instead of buying new potpourri, you just drip a drop or two of the oil into it and the scent is instantly refreshed and new!

The Branson Aromatique outlet sells the refresher oil for only five dollars, which I think is a more than worthy investment.

The shop’s inventory also includes candles, decorative candle holders, incense, scented wax melts, potpourri balls, soap, premade gift baskets and more and the customer service is extremely friendly and laid back.

You are bound to find something unique for your friends, loved ones and home at Aromatique.

You can find this place nestled right next to The Flagstore at 112 S. Commercial St. in Branson. For a sneak peak at some of the great products, visit


One thought on “Give Your Nose a Vacation Too at the Branson Aromatique Outlet”

  1. I’m always on the lookout for new smelly stuff for my house. I’ll have to visit this place soon, on my next shopping trip in Branson! Refresher Oil sounds like a godsend!

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