Don’t Miss Out on The Price is Right Live! Hosted by Jerry Springer

Jerry SpringerWe’ve all seen the classic game show The Price is Right on television, but can you say that you’ve seen it LIVE in Branson with JERRY SPRINGER?

The Price Is Right has been ranked by TV Guide as #5 out of 60 of the greatest game shows ever, and let me just tell you – this show is just as fanstastic live as it has been since the ’70s with Bob Barker.

Pick up your tickets at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre and register at the box office to win some amazing prizes and cash! Registered audience members will be randomly selected to head down to the stage and compete in the one bid, just as is shown on TV. The winner will then play one of the classic games like ‘Cliffhanger,’ ‘The Big Wheel,’ ‘Plinko’ and more! You won’t believe the adrenaline rush you’ll get once the competition starts!

The Price is Right Live! is perfect entertainment for the whole family and Jerry Springer is well … Jerry Springer.

For more information, visit and let us know what awesome prizes you score while you’re there!

7 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out on The Price is Right Live! Hosted by Jerry Springer”

  1. When I was little, I always use to watch The Price is Right with my grandmother. Being able to actually go to a live show in Branson would be awesome!!!

  2. I just love the Price is Right!! Being Hosted by Jerry Springer would make it even better! This show is awesome, you still get to win prizes, maybe I will get lucky..

  3. Oh god no. Not Jerry Springer. We dont ned him dirtying up Branson. Whats next, The Justin Bieber theatre? No! Get him out of here! This is a family place. We dont need his smut in Branson.

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