Palate Fine Wine and Provisions: A Sophisticated Pit Stop in Branson

PalateThink you can’t find a bottle of quality, fine wine in Branson? Think again!

I wasn’t expecting to find what I stumbled upon in Historic Downtown Branson but one thing is for sure: This place is a fantastic find! My curiosity was piqued when I spotted the deep red paint of the sign that read “Palate Fine Wine and Provisions.”

It was crammed in between an array of flea markets lining the road, but this place was clearly offering a different experience than its surroundings. The small shop’s appearance was warm and inviting, so naturally I headed inside, hoping for something new and exciting.

The walls were completely lined in bottles of wine, many with labels I’d never even seen before. I caught myself wondering how many different flavors and varieties of wine there could possibly be.

The gentleman at the register greeted me and immediately asked me what kind of wine I enjoyed. I really just wanted to browse around so I quickly told him “anything light and sweet” and continued to gaze at the walls, packed all the way from the floor to the ceiling with bottles.

I fully expected him to try to sell me something, but instead he replied with “Are you sure? Would you like to try something new?”

Again, curiosity got the best of me and I definitely wasn’t going to say no to a free wine tasting! He lead me to the rear of the store where a table topped with clean, shiny wine glasses stood and carefully selected several bottles for me to try.

He was extremely knowledgeable and each time I would take a sip of a new wine, he would explain what was in it and what kind of food I should pair it with. It was a great way to try a variety of wines without having to cough up the money to buy the full bottle at my local grocery store, only to find that I don’t like it!

The wine tasting was great and throughout my time there I never felt pressured to buy anything. The whole experience left me feeling like I had made a new friend who just happened to be a wine expert and manage a shop! I will definitely be back again to pick up another bottle of my new favorite, a Sineann Pinot Gris!

I would definitely encourage you to visit this place, especially if you are hesitant about venturing out of your comfort zone when it comes to wine.

Check them out online at and let us know what you think when you make your first pit stop at Palate Fine Wine and Provisions!

It’s located at 110 E. Main St. right around the corner from the Hilton on Sycamore St. The hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and closed Sundays.

One thought on “Palate Fine Wine and Provisions: A Sophisticated Pit Stop in Branson”

  1. Thanks for sharing this find. It’s always a treat to be able to sample before you buy, and wonderful to discover a new favorite.

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