5 Things You Should Know for the Upcoming Free Fishing Days

fishingJune 7-8 are free fishing days in Missouri and Branson is one of the best places you can be to take full advantage of that!

If you are new to fishing and would like to try it out this year for free, there are a few things you should know about fishing in the Branson area. So take notes, get ready and make plans to have a successful and fun Free Fishing Day!

1. While free fishing days allow you to fish without paying for a Missouri fishing license, remember that normal Missouri Department of Regulation regulations still apply. Some areas limit the amount or size of fish you can keep and other areas are private and still require that you have a fishing license.

2. Consider purchasing or downloading a geologic map or fishing map of Missouri if you don’t already have one. These maps make it easier to find great spots to fish so you don’t waste time driving around trying to find the perfect spot. Plus, you can plan your route in a way that takes you through some of the Branson area’s most beautiful geologic features!

3. If you are planning on making a weekend of it, check out camping options at Table Rock State Park or Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. There are many campsites available that are close to the shoreline for convenient water access all weekend.

4. The Missouri Department of Conservation also provides statewide weekly fishing reports so you can stay current on the fishing conditions of Branson area lakes. Take a look and choose the lake that best suites you!

5. Don’t forget to take advantage of being in Branson, because there’s so much to do! After a full day of fishing out on the lake, take some time to try out one of the many local restaurants and attractions available to you! Visit http://www.bransonshows.com/ for more information.

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