Are You Brave Enough to Take the Plunge with Branson White Water’s KaPau Plummet?

KaPau PlummetThe new $1.7 million KaPau Plummet ride at Branson’s White Water opened for the first time this spring and we have just one question: are you brave enough to try it?

According to White Water’s official website, this new addition to the park features “two dueling 245-foot slides, each launching riders from a drop-floor into a 70 degree plunge, exceeding the thrills of any water ride ever built at White Water, the 13-acre tropically-themed Branson water park.”

Imagine starting at the top of the 40 foot tower and traveling down at 26 feet per second encased in the slide before hitting the water … terrifying or fantastically thrilling? You decide!

Visit the tropical water park this summer to check out the new KaPau Plummet while hitting up all of your other favorite White Water rides. If you manage to muster up the courage to try out the new KaPau Plummet, let us know! We want to hear all about your experience.

For more information and ticket pricing, visit

5 thoughts on “Are You Brave Enough to Take the Plunge with Branson White Water’s KaPau Plummet?”

  1. I was reading up on this new attraction and it seems exhilarating! I honestly don’t know if I would be brave enough to do it! Next time at White Water I’ll have to see if I can get the courage to do it!!!!

  2. I did not get a chance to get on ride due to it rain but this week I will try to make the trip so I can get on that ride…

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