Free geocaching for the whole family in Branson, Missouri

geocachingGrab your family, some trail mix, and your GPS for the treasure hunting adventure known as geocaching!

Geocaching is a free, outdoor recreational activity that has gained popularity over the past several years and serves as a great sightseeing excursion for visitors in Branson. If you’ve never heard of it, get ready to discover the next best thing. It’s like hunting for Easter eggs – but better.

How it works

Geocaching was first started in May of 2000 by Dave Ulmer. It was based on the simple rule of “find some stuff, leave some stuff.” You can read the full story in detail at, but the game is simple.

First you register online at for a free basic membership. After that, you will have access to the GPS coordinates of hidden caches all over the Branson area. Just choose one and plug the coordinates into your GPS. You’re bound to find yourself hiking all over the Branson terrain to find it!

Most caches are containers filled with goodies left there from previous geocachers. Once you locate one, satisfy your curiosity and open it up. Take one object and leave something of your own for others to discover.

To end your hunt, sign the logbook on and post pictures of your adventure for others to see.

A popular cache in Branson is the Dewey Bald Cache, located just off the Dewey Bald Trail in Henning Conservation Area. The trail is moderately easy to navigate for both children and adults, and the view of the Ozark Mountains from the Lookout Tower is fantastic!

A list of caches in Branson is available here to start you off on your expedition:

Truly experience the natural beauty of Branson with this free outdoor adventure and let us know what you find on your next treasure hunt!

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