A Victorian Christmas in Branson’s Historical Downtown District

Branson 11.13 050When I was visiting the lovely Historic Downtown District in Branson, a quaint shop called Patricia’s Victorian House caught my eye. The sign which read “Victorian Era Furniture and Accessories,” seemed like an understatement when I entered the elaborately decorated Victorian shop.

Branson 11.13 049

I was wonderfully overwhelmed with the amount of Christmas decorations, lights, feathers, lace, and porcelain, that adorned the store. Not only does Patricia’s Victorian House carry any Victorian home décor item that you could possibly desire, but the store also carries some truly fabulous lace garments.

Like many of the stores in Branson, this specialty shop provides one of a kind items within its niche. If you’re looking for a particular item or look for your space, Patricia’s Victorian House is sure to have it!

Branson 11.13 044

Explore many of the exciting stores at the Branson Landing and Historic Downtown Branson District this season!

15 thoughts on “A Victorian Christmas in Branson’s Historical Downtown District”

  1. Oh My I love those pics and I love victorian era or ANYTHING that has to do with medieval dates. I am most def going to check this place out when I go to branson next ohhhh sooo pretty

  2. This looks like a beautiful little area… however I can see my small girls grabbing and accidently breaking some of these things…. This will be a must see W/OUT children

  3. I feel like this would be real fun to look at, I do enjoy the whole victorian style look. Like they say, “If it’s not Baroque don’t fix it!”

  4. I had no idea that this little store was in Branson. The picture you have are beautiful. I know where i’m going Christmas shopping for some really close friends.

  5. I love antique and Victorian shops! I’ve been to this shop once I believe and it was so quaint and adorable. I hope to go again.

  6. I have visited Patricia’s on many occasions, and I’ve always been mesmerized by the amount of elaborate decorations and fabrics. Definitely recommended for those who love the many rich colors and textures of Victorian style décor.

  7. Next time I come to Branson, I will have to visit this shop. I love antique things and the store looks so pretty.

  8. My fiancé and I love the Christmas season and spent a lot of time in Branson enjoying all the Christmas activities there. Thanks to Patricia’s we have a one of a kind ornament hanging on our tree to help us always remember our first Christmas in Branson.

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