The New Shanghai Circus Featured at the Acrobats of China

acrobatsThe Acrobats of China are featuring the New Shanghai Circus at the New Shanghai Theatre. Over 40 acrobats perform in this visual masterpiece of stunts and colors. Performing 3 PM and 8 PM shows through the end of the year, the New Shanghai Circus promises to dazzle and excite anyone.

Watch a ballerina pirouette atop a man’s shoulders and admire Eastern Dragon costume puppets as they dance on the stage. A truly unique and remarkable group of talented acrobats has crossed the breadth of the Earth to display sheer feats of athleticism here in Branson.

acrobats again

Introduce your family to new cultural experiences as award winning acrobats execute traditional Chinese dance and beautiful performance art. You’ll be stunned by the overall skill, grace, and strength of the artists in this enchanting show.

Watch the video here and comment if you’ve ever been to see the marvelous Acrobats of China!

36 thoughts on “The New Shanghai Circus Featured at the Acrobats of China”

  1. I’ve followed the Acrobats of China since they were at SDC. So glad that now they have a much longer, fuller show so we can see everything they have to offer!

  2. I would love to see this show, everyone that I have talked with says it is work seeing. Would be so exciting to see in branson.

  3. We saw the Acrobats last year. Amazing abilities these young people have. Does anyone know how long they will be in Branson. I would love to see the show again.

  4. I took my son to this show for his 8th birthday. The entire family enjoyed the show! This show is definitely a unique experience; not sure how they contort their bodies in the way they do, but it was fantastic! I would definitely recommend seeing this show.

  5. I took my husban and two little siblings to this shoe for Christmas. The show was amazing filled with astonishing talent of what the human body is capable of. We will deffinintely be going back in the summer. My favorite part was when the man and woman did the ribbon act. I was in awww at the way they made it look so effertlessly.

  6. This is one of the MUST SEE shows in the Branson area. I Have a surprise for my mother this Month on the 26th and I hope that she likes it!! Does anyone else have any suggestions? Will the Acrobats of China be a good show for a Woman who has just turned 57? Please feel free to comment!!!!

    Zachary Alan

    1. heck yeah! Any age should LOVE it. Its beautiful and moves the soul. All your senses should find it comforting. And your with your mom, that’s fulfilling in its own.

  7. This is my favorite show! I love all the amazing colors! How they move their bodies is beyond me! I can’t wait to go back in April!!

  8. I saw this show years ago, right after they moved into their theater from SDC. I loved it! I’m interested in their new addition with the Shanghai Circus, and I hope I can make it up to see it soon!

  9. Totally amazing performers, I can’t wait to take my kids! They will be totally amazed by the performance and stunning show!

  10. This was a great show! I was totally amazed by all the acrobats and their fantastic performance! It was truly a great time for my family and I!

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