I Believe it, Ripley!

Branson 11.13 001Wednesday I went to what is probably the most unique place on Earth—the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum in Branson.

Before my trip to the museum I didn’t know who exactly Robert Ripley was, but now I think he ranks in the top 5 people I would want to have a conversation with if I could talk to anyone alive or dead.

Here’s why:

1. He started his career in the early 1900s as a newspaper cartoonist, eventually authoring the famous “Believe It or Not!” comic, which featured a cornucopia of weird and funny images.

2. After “Believe It or Not” gained fame, Ripley explored the world in search of odd people and bizarre things.

3. Basically, Ripley was the forerunner to the internet when it comes to showcasing strange feats, out of the ordinary people, and truly unexpected artwork.

4. He said, “I have traveled to 201 countries including Hell (Norway), and the strangest thing I’ve seen…is man.”

Branson 11.13 011
The seemingly crumbling “Odditorium” is filled with artifacts even more strange than the building’s exterior. This museum was right up my alley! I loved the bizarre artwork and sculptures, like the painting of Van Gogh comprised entirely of painted butterfly wings or the giant Hulk statue made only of car parts.

There is something to interest every generation in this museum; nostalgia from the past as well as fun illusions. I saw everything from a real shrunken human head to a replica of the world’s largest pearl! This is definitely one place you don’t want to miss on your next Branson trip.

8 thoughts on “I Believe it, Ripley!”

  1. I’ve heard about the museums or exhibits that Ripleys has. Some real odd stuff. That’s what makes it so interesting. Ripley’s on the radar.

  2. this is defiantly a interesting place to check out, expeciallyy if your s museum geek there is soo many museums to check out in branson

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  4. I always like watching Ripley’s Believe it or not. It was interesting about the odd, quirky facts. This would be worth checking out.

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