Oh Yeah, It’s Date Night!

Kirby van burchIt’s Friday and tonight’s the perfect evening to take your date down to Branson. Here are some creative and romantic ideas to impress your guy or gal that won’t break the bank!

If you’ve ever seen the 1997 Titanic film, then you’re probably aware of the innate romanticism associated with the famous vessel. Experience the tragic beauty of the Titanic up close at the Titanic Museum in Branson. Together, you and your loved one can discover the history of its epic journey while standing on a replica of the majestic bow.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little mystery in your date night activities. Look no further than the magical Kirby Van Burch Show. Illusionist Kirby Van Burch will dazzle and captivate you with breathtaking feats of wonder. Not only can this performer cause a helicopter to seemingly appear from nowhere, he works with many exotic animals to entrap your attention the entire evening.

Of course, what could be more romantic than a spontaneous night away? Utilize one of our exceptional romantic getaway packages and thrill your loved one with a weekend holiday.

13 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, It’s Date Night!”

  1. ohh yeah this would be a romantic package togethor in itself if you get a nice hotel and jacuzzi and then go see kirby and then head on over to titanic museum its all beautifl

  2. I here a lot of people showing interest in the Kirby show, seeing as his performance is the main magic show in Branson it woul dbe interesting to see how great it is.

  3. What a good idea. It’s simple and convenient. In between the Titanic and Kirby, we could stop for dinner then at the end of the night, stay in a hotel.

  4. I love the Titanic and loved watching the movie. I hear its a replica and you can see the rooms and different artifacts. I would love to bring my boyfriend here and be able to see it.

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