Food Friday: Sons of the Pioneers Chuckwagon

Chuckwagon TrailBranson is home to many exquisite restaurants and eateries, as well as some very unique dinner theaters. Sons of the Pioneers Chuckwagon provides a unparalleled dinning and entertainment experience.

Serving only the best cowboy dinner of Roast Chicken and Barbeque Beef, the Chuckwagon offers a smorgasbord of food to satisfy any member of your family’s appetite. Meanwhile, enjoy the musical, and often comedic performance of the Sons of the Pioneers.

Playing at the historical Shepherd of the Hills farmstead, this group has a long-rooted history in the formation of western music. The original members of the Sons of the Pioneers were Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, and Tim Spencer, who forever altered the outlook on western music, appearing in over 90 movies. American society’s perception of western music and the ‘singing cowboy’ were formed largely due to these iconic men.

Today, Sons of the Pioneers keep the nostalgia and magnificent sound of the west alive through their sensational performances. They have been designated a “National Treasure” by the Smithsonian Institute, among many other accolades.

With melodically haunting sounds reminiscent of camp-fire days, it’s no wonder this show is among Branson’s most beloved dinner theater options.

7 thoughts on “Food Friday: Sons of the Pioneers Chuckwagon”

  1. I saw there show earlier this year, it wasn’t the Christmas show…I would definitely recommend this show if you like the Old Country. It is a fantastic show to see if you love the Old West Country music, none of the new stuff is played, but they are a great band that has been together for years, and the comedy is hilarious!

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