Murder in the Ozarks!

ozark murder mysteriesWant to kick off the holiday season this year with something different? Got a wacky sense of humor and enjoy mystery shows? Then why not spend an evening at Ozark Murder Mysteries in Branson?


Ozark Murder Mysteries performs first-class murder mystery theater presentations throughout the year. Right now, the two shows are inspired by the Christmas holidays. It Was a Wonderful Life and Who Killed Mr. Scrooge promise to be unforgettable, laugh out loud, spoofs of famous Christmas classics. Check out their schedule to decide what show is most convenient for your evening!

If you want to impress your friends with a sensational theatrical treat, why not order your own murder mystery show from Ozark Murder Mysteries? That’s right, this troupe has a special murder-mystery-to-go option which allows you to choose a show to be catered to your event. Simply tell Ozark Murder Mysteries which show you’re interested in having at your party, and they will tailor the night to fit your needs.

Don’t miss this unique and amazing opportunity!

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