What in the World is a Baldknobber?

baldknobbers useNo, it is not a door-maker who’s lost all of his hair.

The Baldknobbers were actually an 1800s, Ozarkian, Hillbilly, vigilante gang.


It’s also the name of a fabulous show in Branson.

Until today, my brief understanding of Baldknobbers came from the indoor roller coaster, Fire in the Hole, at Silver Dollar City. Basically, said roller coaster winds through a fascinating animatronic village terrorized by the Baldknobbers before performing several spectacular plunges. What I learned from Fire in the Hole was this: Baldknobbers wore creepy, psycho-serial killer, potato-sack masks and lit things on fire.

Here’s what Wikipedia‘s taught me:

1. Baldknobbers originated in Taney County around the time of the Civil War.

2. They started out trying to protect against pillagers and other criminals, but eventually turned to a criminal lifestyle as well when their numbers swelled.

3. There were “Baldknobbers” (Union) and “Anti-Baldknobbers” (Confederate) during the Civil War.

4. They have a fascinating history that varies from county to county.

5. They did wear the scary, horned hoods.

6. The Baldknobbers are so legendary that a movie is being made about them by Bear Creek Productions.


You might know The Baldknobbers Jamboree Show as among Branson’s most popular comedy and musical entertainment, but did you know it has been running for over 50 years or that they originally played for the fishermen and tourists on the Branson lakefront area? Artifacts from the original act have even been put in the Arts and Culture division of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me! Check out their show and learn more about Missouri history while enjoying some marvelous entertainment.



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