Upcoming Limited Time Shows

kenny_rogers1Branson is a city full of life and excitement, and the amount of limited shows that pass through the area are astounding, especially during the Christmas season! Here are just a few of the amazing limited time shows that are available in the next couple of weeks. In addition to the many exciting holiday shows and activities, add one of these to your trip to make your vacation to beautiful Branson complete!

Tuesday through Thursday from now to November 21, the Oak Ridge Boys are performing their exciting show at their beautiful Oak Ridge Boys Theatre. This group, which has been producing hits since 1973, is known for their quartet harmony and songs that touch the heart of country music fans! Along with the opportunity to hear new and traditional country songs, fans will be treated to a very high energy and family-friendly stage show! So join Duane, Joe, Richard, and William for an exciting show!

On November 10, Kenny Rogers is taking to that stage at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre once more for an evening of awesome country music! Renowned for having released over 30 studio albums, 80 singles, and 30 Number One hits, Kenny Rogers is sure to bring the charm and put on an amazing show! With a large collection of awards and honors to his name, Rogers has become one of the most recognized names in country music.

If you’re in the mood for something in the Christmas spirit, check out the Johnny Mathis Christmas Show on November 15 and 16! Joined by members of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Johnny Mathis will put on a Christmas show that you will remember for years to come! Listen to some of Mathis’s most popular songs throughout his many years as a stage performer, not to mention the beautiful Christmas music performed with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra for an unbelievable night!

For more information about limited time shows in Branson, please visit http://www.bransonshows.com/activity/BransonLimitedEngagementShows.cfm

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Limited Time Shows”

    1. While there aren’t any limited shows during those three days, if you’re in the mood for Christmas shows, the Dixie Stampede, Grand Jubilee, and Miracle of Christmas will all have their awesome Christmas shows playing on each of those days!

  1. Oh wow I would love to be able to see Kenny Rogers on the 10th. If I could hear him sing The Gambler, Buy me a rose, The Greatest or She Rides Wild Horses live I would be so happy!

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