Branson Landing Celebrates National Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day

Tomorrow on the Branson Landing, Branson Veterans and guests will be celebrating National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. To commemorate the lives of nearly 4,000 people who were injured or killed on the fateful day 71 years ago, the Branson Veterans will be holding a special ceremony starting at noon. The ceremony will commence with the laying of an ornamental wreath in Lake Taneycomo. Tomorrow, wherever you are, don’t forget to take a moment to remember those who died defending the United States on December 7, 1941.

Sight & Sound Theatre – Joseph

One of the Bible’s most beloved stories, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, has hit the stage in Branson. The magnificent story about family, faith, integrity, and forgiveness has captured the hearts of millions and Sight & Sound Theater’s interpretation is sure to do the same. Featuring a larger-than-life stage, live animals, and brilliant storytelling, the story begins during Joseph’s childhood as his father Jacob’s favorite son of twelve. The perk of being the favorite son results in Jacob giving Joseph a beautiful, colorful coat which is met with considerable jealousy from his brothers. As a teenager, Joseph began interpreting dreams including two of his own that predicted his family bowing down to him. His brothers were already jealous of Joseph so upon hearing his dreams they plotted to kill him. What unfolds is a story of passion, sacrifice, and, ultimately, forgiveness.

The Sight & Sound Theater retells the story in a magnificent way through dream sequences, beautiful sets, and gorgeous costuming setting the stage for the magical story to unfold around the audience. The massive 20,000-square-foot stage features an Egyptian palace that spans 300 feet and wraps around three side of the audience. Angoragoats, baby doll sheep, llamas, camels, donkeys, and many more animals are the four-legged stars of the show. But the real star of the show is Joseph’s story about love, family, and forgiveness. Don’t miss this amazing show in Branson! For ticket information, visit this link.

Behind the Scenes Tour of Sight & Sound Theatre

Before the show, take the time to see the magnificent Sight & Sound Theatre. You’ll learn how the intricate lights are controlled, look into the scene shop where the theatre brainstorms ideas for new shows, and see every inch of the massive stage from the actor’s point of view. Also, you’ll get to see where the animals live and learn all about the requirements of caring for such a large and diverse cast of animals. With one million watts of lighting, 60,000 watts of sound, and a massive 20,000-square-foot stage, the Sight & Sound Theatre is sure to impress. The behind the scenes tour of this awesome theatre should not be missed! For more information about the tour, check out this link.

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