Kidsfest 2012 at Silver Dollar City

From June 9th to July 22nd, Silver Dollar City is celebrating National KidsFest, the biggest KidsFest in America. Throughout the month various extra activities and shows will be available to optimize your family’s fun at Silver Dollar City.

The Fabulous Wallenda Family Circus, as seen on the Discovery Channel, will be taking the Silver Dollar City stage this month for a spectacular tight-rope show that will have you on the edge of your seat. World-record high-wire walker, Nik Wallenda leads the show with his famous and fearless performance.

Also playing will be Luma, a show that uses high-tech lighting techniques to illuminate Marvel Cave. Keep an eye out for Gazillion Bubbles, which displays fascinating works of bubble artistry lit by a brilliant laser light show.

If your child likes cartoons (let’s face it, who doesn’t), visit Silver Dollar City when your favorite cartoon characters are in town. From Spongebob to Dora, all of the best cartoon characters are ready to meet their biggest fans!

The cartoon character lineup is as follows:

Spongebob & Patrick : June 7-9

Dexter & DeeDee: June 14-16

Tom & Jerry: June 14-16

George Jetson & Astro: June 28-30

Backyardigans: July 5-7

Fred, Barney & Dino: July 12-14

Scooby Doo & Shaggy: July 19-20

Yogi Bear& Boo Boo: July 26-28

Dora & Diego: August 2-4

As always, Silver Dollar City’s coasters will be open, and later festivities will be accompanied by the twangy tunes of GAC Nights in Echo Hollow. Other fun activities in the area include the thrilling Vigilante Extreme Ziprider and the Shepherd of the Outdoor Drama. Stay in the area at one of the local lodging options, like the elegant Victorian Palace, or enjoy the indoor pool at the Best Western Center Pointe Inn.

20 thoughts on “Kidsfest 2012 at Silver Dollar City”

  1. I love Silver Dollar City. I would also love to go to see the cartoon characters and the Circus. Can’t wait to go this year

  2. I will have to take my niece down to see Dora and Diego. She loves them! And she would also love the Gazillion Bubbles. I won’t lie – I used to watch Dexter’s Laboratory all the time, and I would definitely want to get my picture taken with him and DeeDee!

  3. Silver Dollar City’s KidsFest is great! I myself would be interested in seeing Tom and Jerry while the kids sure would take likeing in Spongebob!

  4. I am a big kid at heart i would like to go during the time Scooby Doo & Shaggy i loved to watch them when i was little.

  5. Gazzillion Bubbles sounds really interesting and the kids are dieing to find what its all about. Can’t wait!

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