Annual Maple Leaf Festival in Carthage, MO

The third Saturday of October you will find the largest parade in Southwest Missouri in Carthage, MO. It is the home of the Annual Maple Leaf Festival, and it’s close enough to Branson for a day trip. The parade is the Grand Finale of an entire week of fall celebrations for this wonderful historic town. Earlier in the week they hold the 5K Run, Sprint Dualthon, High Heel Race, a huge quilt show, and a variety of pageants. On the day of the Grand Finale Parade there will be Arts & Craft booths, a petting zoo, an auto show, a dog show, plenty of food vendors and live entertainment. So, grab one of our incredible Branson accommodations and get some other activities lined-up for your trip!

The original Branson theme park, Silver Dollar City, will provide you and your group several days’ worth of exploration fun. You simply cannot ride all the rides, eat at all the restaurants and diners, frequent all the shops, and see all the shows in a single day. That’s why we even make it easier on you and provide you with a two-day pass. You and your group will absolutely love the Ozark Mountain mystique of Silver Dollar City. No vacation to Branson is complete without a visit!

The Legend of Kung Fu is a smash-hit production overseas. Now The Legend of Kung Fu is creating a buzz as it hits Branson’s entertainment district. This powerful story takes you inside the life of a boy who has just committed to be Buddhist monk and faces the emotional struggle as the romance and mystique of martial arts lures him away. During the show, you will be entertained by an amazing display of acrobatic stunts, martial arts, and beautifully choreographed dance brought to you by an impressive team of more than sixty talented cast and crew members. You can even purchase a meal with your show. Don’t miss your chance to catch this magnificent performance.

Treat your family to a memorable experience in Branson when you take them to the world famous Yakov’s Dinner Adventure, which will be performing at Yakov’s Theater. For over 200 years, audiences have been mesmerized by the uniquely electric and magical circus show. With death-defying feats, comic relief, magic tricks, and other acts, Yakov’s Dinner Adventure provides undeniable fun for the whole family. You’ll be impressed at the delicious menu you enjoy.

17 thoughts on “Annual Maple Leaf Festival in Carthage, MO”

  1. Love Maple leaves in the fall…gorgeous reds and oranges! I like the idea of a whole festival to honor them…would be a sight to see!

  2. Did anyone else see those feirce band competitions. GO LEBANON! I personally thought it went well. All the bands were great and watching them run across the feild like that was cool. I didn’t go either because it was tiring. But we did great and I loved the other performances that I did get to see. Which wasn’t much because I am apart of the Lebanon Band. I loved the competition. We loved them all.

  3. I’ve never been to the fair in Springfield but I live right by the Fairgrounds so I really look forward to it this year

  4. Those high heel races are hilarious, and the two day pass to Silver Dollar City is very convenient, you can’t get it all in without one!

  5. The Annual Maple Leaf Festival sounds like a week full of fun, especially the HIgh Heel Race. All of the activities on the day of the Grand Finale Parade sound fun and great for the whole family,

  6. I love parades. I always have. It seems like it would be great for the whole family. What a small cost, in a family vacation. I would love to go and watch the high heel race!

  7. There are many thing to do. You won’t get bored. They have arts & craft, car show, petting zoo, and of course they have wonderful food and the live entertainment. My family and I will be making a trip out of it this year.

  8. I wish my family was interested in festivals like this. We would go and probably have a great time, but they just aren’t that interested I guess.

  9. I used to live in Carthage and I regret never having gone to this. It sounds like a lot of fun.I love the fall, it’s my favorite season. I will definitely have to go back some time and check it out, especially since I now know that they have bands competing. I used to participate in band competitions and loved it; I would love seeing the band competitions from the outside.

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