Animals, Shows, and More in Branson!

Shoji TabuchiIt’s a great time to visit your favorite travel destination, but then again, when isn’t it a good time?! We’ve got all of the best attractions and activities available for you to choose from. You can grab a seat and some dinner at an exciting show, see wildlife at a nature exhibit, or even take a ride in a helicopter! Keep on reading for some of our favorite options in this amazing travel town: Branson Missouri.

The Shoji Tabuji Show

Shoji Tabuchi is a world class violinist whose band has comprised some of the most amazing musicians from around the world. His wife, Dorothy, runs the choreography for the show, which is performed by an elite group of professional dancers. And finally his daughter Christina is a part-time performer on the show, and has been singing with her family since a very young age. She also performs part-time in Nashville and stays active in other singing opportunities. The Shoji Tabuchi show itself takes place in a specially designed theater where the decor is reminiscent of the grand theatre palaces of the 1930’s. Since it opened in 1990, the Shoji Tabuchi Theater has been performing two shows a day almost every day of the week. It is one of Branson’s can’t-miss activities. For more information visit

Branson’s Wild World Animal Adventure

At Branson’s Wild World Animal Adventure, you’ll get to see dangerous snakes, the aggressive bull shark, and more during this amazing experience. On the animal adventure, you will experience a variety of animal exhibits, including the touch tanks, where you will get to touch all sorts of animals; the reef, where you will see an impressive reef system with your favorites like clown fish, lobsters, and shrimp; and the Doctor Fish, where you can experience a feeling like no other as you submerge your hands into a tank full of “doctor fish”, that will nibble on you and stimulate your nervous system. Of course you’ll also have the opportunity to feed a variety of animals, including kio fish, bull sharks, turtles, lizards, eels, and more. There are also other activities for you to participate in, like the 3D Adventure Mini-Golf, and Jungle Arcade, with free to play arcade games after an entrance fee. So get started on your amazing vacation today and book a stop at Branson’s Wild World for an unforgettable trip! Check us out for more info at

These are just a few of the top attractions in Branson, and you can browse our website for more choices and great bargains. Don’t forget to include a hotel with your activities and you’ll have created your own vacation package! You’ll have the vacation of lifetime when you let Branson Shows help you book your trip.

7 thoughts on “Animals, Shows, and More in Branson!”

  1. I Love exploring Branson and the Branson’s Wild World Animal Adventure is something i would love to attend during my next Branson trip.

  2. I just moved around the Branson area and cannot wait to check out all of these fun activities. Especially after reading about the Wild World Animal Adventure. I love animals and this sounds so exciting and fun!

  3. Branson’s Wild World is a lot of fun! I enjoyed visiting and seeing the bull sharks, and the doctor fish are very cool! And with all you can play in the jungle arcade that alone is definitely worth the price of admission.

  4. My daughter absolutely LOVED Branson’s Wild World, it is her favorite place in Branson! She asks me at least once a month when we are going back!

  5. Branson’s Wild World Animal Adventure is such a fun place! Definitely recommend it as a place to visit if you are in Branson 🙂

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