Plan A Ladies Night Out in Branson

Twelve Irish TenorsIt’s springtime in Branson! Aside from a few yucky days that are typical of unpredictable Missouri weather, Branson has been bathed in sunshine. Chirping birds flutter around beautiful flowers, dogwood trees are beginning to bud, and Tablerock Lake is just begging for speed boats.  So, why not head to Branson to soak up the sunshine before it’s too hot? The following shows would be great for a weekend away with your loved one, or, even better, a weekend away with your best girl pals! It doesn’t matter who you’re with, you’re sure to love these must-see Branson hit shows!


Dubbed “An Orchestra of Human Voices,” SIX is an a cappella show featuring the six Knudsen brothers. They are six real brothers that have been singing together since the oldest, Barry, was 13 and able to sing bass. Actually, they are the eldest of 10 boys; they say their parents were hoping for a girl but happily ended up with 10 boys. When the boys were young, their father noticed their ability to make up songs and harmonize with each other without instruction. So he taught them gospel songs to perform at church. It didn’t take the boys very long to pick up the music and create their own 4-5 part harmonies. So they began performing anywhere they could together: rotary clubs, talent contests, fairs, etc. In May of 1978, they made their television debut on the Donnie and Marie Show. They loved it and set their sights on their own show. So they scraped together their money, jumped in their beat up truck, and drove to Los Angeles to sing any and everywhere. Through street singing, they garnered some attention and began booking small gigs. Small gigs lead to big gigs. Eventually, their big gigs landed them a show in Branson where they combine their amazing singing, comedy, and family stories into one big show – SIX. In their show, you’ll hear songs from almost every genre of music including Elvis, Beach Boys, LMFAO, MC Hammer, Kansas, Coldplay, Journey, and much more! This is a must-see in Branson! For more information, visit this link.

Twelve Irish Tenors

Ireland’s finest voices are brought together in Branson! The Twelve Irish Tenors became an overnight hit because of their powerful voices and gorgeous harmonies. Soon, they were selling out concert halls across Europe and North America before settling in Branson at King’s Castle Theatre. Their specialty is traditional Irish ballads but they certainly don’t leave it at that. The tenors also perform opera, pop, rock, classical, and jazz in their fantastic show. “Hey Jude,” “Danny Boy,” “That’s Life,” and “Music of the Night” are among their favorite hits. Each tenor possesses extraordinary talent, however, when combined their voices blend together to create a gorgeous sound that will leave you humming for days after the show. Perhaps the best part about this show? All twelve tenors are gorgeous making this a perfect “Ladies Night Out” show! For more information, click on this link.

Looking for something to do during the day? How about Silver Dollar City, Hollywood Wax Museum, or Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf?

6 thoughts on “Plan A Ladies Night Out in Branson”

  1. I have not been to see the Twelve Irish Tenors, So I sure do need a girls night out to go see them. I saw the show SIX in 2011 and I loved it I would really enjoy to see them again as well!

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