Tap Your Toes to Shows at the Grand Country Music Hall

Cold weather and snow is threatening Branson once again. With 2 to 4 inches of snow expected over the weekend, you’ll want to spend a bit of time inside. So why not see every show at one theater? The Grand Country Music Hall, which is known for the massive violin poking through the front of the building, is home to several of our favorite Branson shows including Amazing Pets, Ozark Mountain Jubilee, Comedy Jamboree, Grand Jubilee, Sunday Gospel Jubilee, and many more! Check out what will be showing this weekend!

Amazing Pets

It’s hard to tell who is more talented in this show, the pets or the humans who trained them? Well, one thing is for sure, they both put on a fantastic show! The show features a troupe of cats, dogs, and exotic birds performing tricks for your cheers and adoration. Most of the animals are rescues from dog pounds and humane societies across the country before being trained to wow you at the Grand Country Music Hall. You can expect to see cats jumping hoops, dogs riding bikes, and high-flying birds. You may even spot a donkey who can count! Don’t miss this unique show on your next trip to Branson! For more information, visit this link.

Ozark Mountain Jubilee

Next up, the Ozark Mountain Jubilee! In this show, the Max Bacon Family serenades the audience with everybody’s favorite country music combined with today’s popular favorites. Throw in some comedy and you’ve got the show that this family has been performing for more than 20 years! For more information about the show, visit our website.

Grand Jubilee

At this show, you’ll fall in love with Branson’s Best Quartet, New South!The gorgeous harmonies and dynamic stylings of Mark, Trey, Jason, and David will serenade you with the classics AND the country hits of today so there’s a little something for everyone. It’s not all singing, gut-busting comedy is also integrated throughout the show. Grand Jubilee has won “Branson’s Best Variety Show,” “Quartet of the Year,” “Band of the Year,” and much more! Don’t miss this show on your next trip to Branson! Want to know more? Click on this link.

Comedy Jamboree

Looking for clean comedy that’s perfect for the entire family no matter what age? Look no further than the Comedy Jamboree! Join Applejack, Harley Worthit, Stretch McCord, Tracy Heaston, and the Jamboree Singers for an unforgettable show filled with comedy, amazing dancing, and today’s toe-tapping country hits. This is a very personable show, the audience is often invited to participate and all performers are available to chat with the audience before and after the show. Follow this link to learn more.

Also available at the Grand Country Music Hall… Down Home Country, Sunday Gospel JubileeBranson Country USA Late Show, and New South Gospel. There’s is also indoor mini gold, the Splash Country Waterpark, and the Grand Country Inn located on the grounds at Grand Country.

4 thoughts on “Tap Your Toes to Shows at the Grand Country Music Hall”

  1. The Grand Country Music Hall has so much to offer. I love the Grand Jubilee and now that the New South has their own show, the New South Gospel, I can’t wait to see that. That group of boys are so talented.

  2. I love the Amazing Pets show! Its amazing how they trained animals to do all of the things they do. Totally worth seeing again!

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