Lots Going On in the Branson Area This Saturday, October 1!

There’s plenty going on in and around Branson this weekend. Saturday could be a packed day if you try to do all of these events, but if you’re not up for the challenge pick one or two that you would love to experience. It’s the perfect time of year for festivals and special events, the weather is wonderful and the smells of autumn are here.

White Flight Exhibit at the Butterfly Palace

The Butterfly Palace is always a unique interaction with nature, but during White Flight it becomes a magical romp through living snowflakes. Thousands of white butterflies and hundreds of poinsettias combine with twinkling light displays for a touching ode to the holidays that truly has to be experienced to be fully understood. Just imagine strolling through a peaceful, indoor garden accented by hues of red and warm lights as thousands of white butterflies flutter in every direction, giving the illusion of light snow skipping through the air. Aside from the new White Flight exhibit, the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventures will still offer its many, typical attractions throughout the new year, including The Amazing Emerald Forest mirror maze, Insect Zoo and gift shop to ensure a full experience of fun.


Harvest Moon Festival in Forsyth, MO

Enjoy two days of fun, food, music, and more at the Harvest Moon Festival in Forsyth, Missouri, located just 20 minutes northeast of Branson. Shop local vendors for unique arts and crafts, and have that possibility of finding that one-of-a-kind treasure made just for you. There will also be a classic car show, so don’t forget your camera. Kids will love the old hot rods with their colorful paint jobs, and parents can enjoy the nostalgia. If you get a bit hungry during the festivities, there will be concession stands set up, along with a bake sale, where you can find all the goodies and treats your heart desires. Forsyth may be a small town, but they know how to throw a party. Don’t miss your chance to live it up at the Harvest Moon Festival.


Titanic Firehouse Chili Cook-Off

In the fall, the annual Titanic Firehouse Chili Cook-off releases its hot cuisine to the general public as a tribute to the firemen and stokers who bravely saved the lives of passengers when the Titanic sank. Watch as incredible chefs stir up a delicious mix of ingredients ranging from sweet and mild to fiery hot. Recipes will be judged by members of the general public as well as members of the judging team. Judges will test their taste buds and pick the chili that captures the spirit of the event. Winners of the chili cook-off will receive cash prizes as well as cheers from the crowd. Visitors and Branson locals are welcome to attend this grand event which honors the lives of the coalmen and firemen who boarded the Titanic and stood their ground as it started to sink. Many chefs with hidden talents will be stirring up a mean chili soup this fall, and the public is invited to get there early for taste-testing to form a general consensus on each soup.


24 thoughts on “Lots Going On in the Branson Area This Saturday, October 1!”

  1. Harvest Moon Festival in Forsyth sounds great to me…not only would I definately enjoy looking at all there is to see, but it’s never too soon to start accumulating Christmas presents for the “good” ones on my list!

  2. With the change in the weather, a tribute Chili Cook-off would be a great way to show apprication of the Brave individuals who risked their life’s to help the passengers of the Titantic. There will be alitte bit of everything to please everyone’s unique taste, from a mix of ingredients ranging from sweet and mild to fiery hot. This is sure to be event you can not miss!!!

  3. I’m upset that I missed the Harvest Moon Festival in Forsyth, MO, I was really looking forward to the event….guess there’s always next year!

  4. The Titanic Museum is always doing something! Isn’t the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s accident coming up? I know they did this really cool thing where guests at the museum could commemorate the victims by donating a rose that will be packaged then dropped where the ship sank. I think the anniversary is April 14th.

  5. There is a bevy of fun and interesting things to do and see in Branson. It’s a great destination for anyone, both near and far, to enjoy.

  6. I have never been to the Butterfly Palace, but I am definitely going to make plans to go during the White Flight. It sounds beautiful!!

  7. The White FLight sounds lovely. And the Titanic chili cookoff sounds good too, they’ve always got something going on there!

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