Mix It Up in Branson this Weekend with Events, Museums, and Shows!

The summer is wrapping up, but Branson is going out with a bang by hosting events like this weekend’s Super Summer Cruise car show that will feature some dazzling classic models. As long as you are viewing beautiful creations of the past, check out the artifacts at the Titanic museum which will be a different but equally rewarding spectacle. Finally don’t forget to fit a show into your schedule and attend the marvelous Eastern production performed by the Acrobats of China.

Super Summer Cruise at Shepherd of the Hills

This Super Summer Cruise going on August 11th-13th will be a paradise for classic car lovers and shouldn’t be missed. Visitors will have a chance to see all kinds of 50s and 60s vehicles like Shelby Cobras and Chevy Bellaires. Some newer models will be featured as well, and the events taking place throughout the weekend will include a burn-out contest, midnight cruises, live entertainment, worship service, and awards show. This is an event that the whole family will enjoy, especially if you have some motor enthusiasts in the bunch.

Acrobats of China Featuring the New Shanghai Circus

The display of athleticism and cultural expression in the Acrobats of China show is something that will not only amaze audiences, but will be a lasting memory after the show is over. Thrilling acts such as hoop-diving, trapeze, aerial ballet, and more are choreographed into an artistic masterpiece. This Eastern Chinese performance will successfully take you out of the theater and into a different way of life across the world.

Branson Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attraction

If you thought the movie was good, then you won’t believe your eyes when you are actually submerged into the experience of being on the Titanic. The museum itself is a half-scale model of the original ship and houses over 400 authentic artifacts. Learn about the stories of real passengers that were on the legendary ocean-liner, and witness 20 different rooms of the Titanic including the Grand Staircase. This is an educational, interactive, and completely unique museum that the whole family will love.

31 thoughts on “Mix It Up in Branson this Weekend with Events, Museums, and Shows!”

  1. I went to see Acrobats of China last weekend and I must say it is an unbelievable show. I think everyone should see this at least once because it is truly awe-inspiring the talent and ability these performers have.

  2. Old car shows really lure me in, possibly because they were the “muscle cars” from my high school days. The Super Summer Cruise at Shepherd of the Hills sounds like an afternoon of fun in Branson and then on to the lake!

  3. The Titanic was really cool. It was more informative and educational than I thought. Seeing the Grand Staircase was awesome. I loved the movie and seeing up close was a really cool experience.

  4. I already missed the car show, but I would love to see the Titanic museum because I’ve yet to experience this Branson attraction.

  5. Branson has so many great attractions. Everything sounds like a lot of fun but I’m bummed to have missed the summer car show– I love classic cars. Hopefully next year.

  6. Titanic is so amazing. Since my kids had seen the movie, it made a great experiance for all of us. We even got a picture of us in fromt of the grand staircase. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  7. The super summer cruise sounds awsome. Im also excited about the acrobats of china, ive been before but they never disapoint no matter how many times you see them!

  8. I have seen the Acrobats of China. I thought it was the most amazing thing. They are so artistic and unique. I recommend this show to everyone.

  9. I loved the Titanic museum! The passengers stories were my favorite part – such amazing tales. I would recommend visiting this museum to anyone.

  10. I havent been to a show in like 5 years. I really need to fix this. Articles like this help a lot with deciding which ones to see next

  11. I’ve been to the Titanic and loved walking around and seeing the various exhibits it had to offer. They also made it an interesting experience by giving each visitor the name of someone who was actually on the Titanic and at the end you find it if you “survived” or not. Adds an extra fun element to the tour/visit.

  12. Branson really does have a lot to offer, I’ve seen the classic car show and it is a real treat. Even if your not a motorhead, every one can appreciate the aesthetic value of the classic cars on display. They really don’t make them like they used to. Next on my list of things to do in Branson is the acrobats of China show. I’m sure it won’t disappoint either.

  13. i would love to go out there and see Acrobats of China. my family and i are going this weekend so i may have to go see the show.

  14. Branson has so much to offer. The Titanic museum is really one of my favorite things to do there! It’s always so educational.

  15. I will definitly love to go the Acrobats of China never been to a show like that before and it seems is a really good one

  16. I can’t wait to see the Acrobats of China. My family and I will be going in a few weeks. We are all so excited.

  17. I cant wait till i get to go exprience all of these attractions esp the Acrobats of China and the Branson Titanic… i will be going this coming monday. Im excited.

  18. I am going to Branson this weekend with my husband. We plan on watching Acrobats of China, along with some other shows and going to the Titanic museum. I can’t wait

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